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FoundationMr. Hermann Wendler

The Business originates from a gathering of industrial purchasers in the city of Aue in 1885. At the time they complained about bottlenecks in the supply range of oils, fat, adhesives, as well as seals and transmission belts. Max Philipp recognized this as a big chance and founded the first technical distributor in the city of Aue in 1892. Due to his age he sold the blooming company to Hermann Wendler after beeing in business for 10 years. The company was registered in the Commercial Registry of the royal district cout Aue. This is how over a century ago on the 14st of may 1902 our company history began.


our first company building

1902 - 1940

In the first four decades the young enterprise defined itself as a reliable supplier for industrial and craft businesses in southwest Saxony. Our profile at that time: wholesale with factory needs, machine oil and steam cylinder oils, and more.  After Worldwar I the aftereffects as well as the great inflation and the corresponding world economy crisis could be mastered and overcome. 


Staffs in 1930



At the end of the 1930s the Hermann Wendler GmbH became one of Gerrmany's leading technical traders and with a company owned railroad connection it was referred to as the most important supplier of mineral oils in the area.

1940 - 1989

The aftermath of Worldwar II and the death of Hermann Wendler in 1943 as well as the following communist paternalism and tax arbitrariness put up an enormous challenge to the leadership of the company after 1947. But in the end the company managed to overcome the heavy struggle and survived these hard times.  Especially Hermann Wendlers son in law, Edwin Schlesinger, and his son Richard Schlesinger, who took on the leadership of the company during this period, earned the credit for this survival. After Richard Schlesinger passed away in 1975 his wife Marga Schlesinger together with their son Hans-Christian picked up the leadership of the family enterprise. In the following years rubber-form assortments and metal cable protection hoses have been delivered into the whole German Democratic Republic.

Edwin Schlesinger Richard SchlesingerMarga SchlesingerHans-Christian Schlesinger

1990 - 2000

Also after the reunification of Germany in 1989 the Hermann Wendler GmbH remained in great demand as a reliable partner for technical needs. Technical full spectrum trading remained the core business. With the change of the political environment in 1989 new perspectives appeared: new products expand and modernize the assortment. New contacts were made, which transformed into a wide, expanded network.

Amongst roughly 400 german companies specialized in this field the Hermann Wendler GmbH is a member in the „VTH – Verband Technischer Handel e.V.“ (Association of Technical Trade). This connection to the Association of Technical Trade enabled a close partnership with the Erwin Telle GmbH from Nuremberg in 1992. One year of close and successful partnership led to the foundation of the Hermann Wendler & Erwin Telle GmbH. Thanks to this co-operation our clients have fast access to about 20.000 items. Another huge advantage was the implementation of the fabrication of semi-finished products, selected small batch assortments and protective hoses / conduit for cables and last but not least the processing and finishing of synthetic materials, plastics and elastomeres. The company also consequently developed the new business segment „Technical Services“ in addition to the classical core segment of technical full spectrum trading.

The Hermann Wendler GmbH today

Since Jan 1st 2002 the company again trades under the traditional name „Hermann Wendler GmbH“. The proven and successful partnership with the Erwin Telle GmbH in Nuremberg remains untouched.

Our assortment covers nearly all segments of technical trading, therefore we manage and continuously expand an interbranch network of manufacturers. Thus we are able to offer solutions for almost all technical applications. Due to our long experience as technical trader but also as processor and manufacturer of a wide variety of materials in our own production complex, we are in the position to consult our clients with competent knowledge, proved and tested know-how, ready to use solutions, tailored to their specific needs.

Next to the trading sector the fabrication segment is gaining more and more importance. We produce seals, semi-finished products from synthetic materials specifically manufactured to the needs of our customers. Our production complex is mostly aligned for the fabrication of  small-lot assortments. We strictly enforce the very high quality standards for all our products and services as well as our internal organisation. Of course we are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

Todays partners in the Herman Wendler GmbH - Hans-Christian Schlesinger, Axel Schlesinger and Eva-Maria Lipphaus – continue the companies path into the future together with 7 employees. Our clients predominantly are manufacturing corporate clients from the industrial sector. We are also a reliable partner for craftsman, public authorities and private customers.

Please accept our best thanks for your confidence. We look forward to do business with you.

If you have any question contact us directly. Notice your details, please.



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